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To pay off the mortgage or to invest? That is the question. It’s an often debated question in the world of financial independence and one thats been done to death in blogsphere several times over. In this article I won’t go in depth into all of the pros and cons of each side of the argument […] Read More

If you’ve got or are interesting in buy to let property investments then you’ll almost certainly be aware of the upcoming tax changes that were announced in the budget in the summer of 2015. At the core of the changes announced is the scrapping of higher rate tax relief on mortgage interest. Landlords will no […] Read More

If you’re a higher rate tax payer you’re currently liable to pay 40% tax on any profits you currently make on your rental properties. So assuming your Buy to Let business is making a profit each year then you really have two options to minimize your tax bill: Remortgage such that your mortgage interest payments are equal to your […] Read More

We all know that to become financially independent you need to get your expenses down below the level of your investment income. It’s a remarkably simple formula but one that can seem unattainable. However the maths doesn’t lie…do it and you’ll have reached the promised land that is FI. I’d wager that the largest expense on most household […] Read More

The journey to financial independence can seem like a never ending uphill struggle sometimes. If you’re not careful investment fatigue can hamper you motivation and stifle your progress. However while it’s very sexy to talk about and focus on investments, the real problem most FI seekers face financially is expenses. After all it is the expenses that need […] Read More

5 Buy To Let Mistakes to Avoid

Treat it right, follow the buy to let rules,  run a conservative strategy and owning a but to let rental property can be a relatively hassle free, low risk and profitable investment. I’ve been a property landlord for about 11 years now so I’d like to think I’m speaking from experience on the subject. As […] Read More

Recently I was trawling the rich archives over at the excellent Monevator site when I came across this article about what it feels like to finally be mortgage free. Now unfortunately we’re not mortgage free yet, but we have been over paying our mortgage1 relentlessly for the last 4 and a bit years. Though I […] Read More

Buy to let investing divides peoples opinions massively here in the UK. Over the last few years disillusionment with the pension system in this country has caused many (including myself) to incorporate buy to let properties into their retirement planning. For many years now rising property prices, low interest rates, tax relief on mortgage interest […] Read More

Recently I watched in horror as my mother in law was trying to work out what income and expenses she has had over the last few years on a property which she jointly owns but has been renting out. Hearing tales of her requesting 9 years worth of bank statements and scratching around in the […] Read More

There’s a lot in the press right now about London’s housing bubble. It’s no secret that property prices in the capital have been rocketing. Most of press stories out there seem to be blaming rich Arabs or Chinese who are allegedly snapping up the whole of West London. If you believe the papers the bubble […] Read More